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Myrmecocystus mendax

Nasonia vitripennis

Pogonomyrmex barbatus



Nasonia Courtship and Mating

This video, recorded by Jürgen Gadau, shows the courtship and mating behaviors of the jewel wasp, Nasonia.

Pogonomyrmex barbatus Mating Flight

Members of the Gadau Lab had the opportunity to observe and capture the mating flight of the red seed-harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex barbatus. This remarkable phenomenon, also referred to as the nuptial flight, occurred on an afternoon late in July after two days of moderate rainfall in Scottsdale, AZ. *Special thanks to John Weser for permitting access to this population.

Myrmecocystus mendax “Tournament” display

The tournament behavior was recorded for the first time in Myrmecocystus mendax in 2013. This unique type of territorial display was previously reported in only one other species of the genus, M. mimicus. Other Myrmecocystus may also have this potentially ancestral, rarely observed behavior.

SIRG & friends Music Video

A brief view into the labs and study organisms of SIRG & Friends at Arizona State University.