Undergraduate Courses
Animal Behavior (BIO331)
Comparative Invertebrate Zoology (BIO385)
General Entomology (BIO386)
General Genetics (BIO340)
Organic Evolution (BIO345)
Tropical Ecosystems (BIO498)

Graduate Courses
Grant Writing (BIO591)
SIRG Seminar (BIO591)
Species and Speciation (BIO591)


Ask-A-Biologist is an educational web resource developed and maintained by ASU volunteers, including faculty, staff and students. This fun site is intended for preK-12 students, teachers, and parents, yet is interesting for visitors of all ages. Check it out!
Insect ARium is an Augmented Reality technology that allows visitors to interactively view insect specimens from the ASU Hasbrouk Insect Colection (ASUHIC). The project is a partnership between the ASU Franz Insect Lab and TBLR (Technology Based Learning and Research) at ASU SkySong.
The Pogonomyrmex barbatus Display Colony is a project initiated by Ti Eriksson and Elizabeth Cash, in collaboration with the Franz Insect Lab at ASU. Our goal is to design and build a live harvester ant colony installation for the Tempe campus Life Sciences A building.
The Science Studio is an audio program organized by the School of Life Sciences, which delivers conversations of cutting-edge science from experts around the globe. Dr. Gadau participated in the project with an interview about evolutionary genetics and social insects. (Listen | Transcript)
The SOLS Biodiversity Outreach Initiative is an ongoing project organized by Melody Basham, which seeks to engage graduate students in community education events. Gadau Lab member, Ti Eriksson, created the “Ant Lab” exercise to teach students about the scientific method and behavioral ecology.
ASU Explores Outdoors is a free annual Spring event hosted by the ASU School of Life Sciences. Scientists from diverse fields team up and meet members of the community to explore the diversity of life found in habitats around the Phoenix Valley. Check out the SOLS Events to find out when the next hike is taking place.